An immersive entrepreneurial residency program with the Akropolis Reed Quintet for university music programs combining collaborative performances with lectures & workshops surrounding the business of chamber music. Akropolis WORKS provides students with the insights and tools needed to jumpstart a sustainable career as a professional chamber musician.

Akropolis WORKS is now online – offering free webinars to advance your own musical career.

Why Akropolis WORKS

Chamber music provides vibrant and rewarding career paths for individuals and ensembles, but too often goes unexplored because musicians lack the non-musical skills and knowledge needed. Akropolis WORKS fills this gap by exploring chamber music outside of the rehearsal room, providing students with the insights and tools needed to jumpstart a sustainable career in professional chamber music or another music venture. Students will learn an entrepreneurial approach to small ensemble music-making, including specialized classes surrounding topics as: for-profit and nonprofit business models, the importance of branding, DIY marketing, financial planning, legal pitfalls, fundraising, and how to engage with audiences, managers, and granting organizations.

Residencies are customizable by length and desired topics. At the end of an Akropolis WORKS residency, students will walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary to begin exploring a well-rounded career in music.


“Several of the students spoke to me this week that the Akropolis presentation sparked an idea they had and were excited to share with me!”
-Allegra Montanari, Director of the Center for Arts Leadership, Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, 2018

“Loved the classes today!  Thank you so much.  All evening, as I was teaching, I heard rave reviews of both presentations.”
-Leslie A. Grimm, Senior Lecturer in Clarinet and Chamber Music, Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University, 2018

“THANK YOU so much for inviting me to be a part of your Saturday workshop at SMTD last week. It was really great to meet you all and learn from you. I couldn’t stop thinking how much I WISH I could have had access to such a resource.”
-Dana Fonteneau, January 2017,  The Wholehearted Musician

“The students LOVED Akropolis, as I knew they would!!  Thank you so much for an amazing WORKS residency.”
-Dr. Andrew Parker, University of Texas at Austin

“Akropolis was excellent, and they displayed this excellence in coaching, classes, and recital.”
– Griffin Campbell, Louisiana State University, October 12, 2016