Composers + Musicians Collaborative Music Residency this Summer

Calling all composers!  Apply now to join the Akropolis Reed Quintet at the I-Park Foundation, Inc.‘s 2018 Composers + Musicians Collaborative Music Residency. 5 composers will be selected to compose new works for reed quintet and workshop them with Akropolis this summer, receiving a New York City and Connecticut world premiere, a $1,000 stipend, and a studio recording!



Application Deadline February 19, 2018

About the I-Park Experience
I-Park is looking to identify an international group of composers who will appreciate, or are open to being persuaded of, the value of establishing an immersive, collegial relationship with the musicians who will be performing their pieces at their world premieres. These composers, especially when in the final phase of developing their works, realize that they stand to benefit from the fresh perspectives, receptivity and enthusiasm of the ensemble at this critical juncture in the creative process – and are prepared to collaborate in the final refinements to, if not, in fact, the transformation of, their works as a result of this effort.

From the start, the ensemble plays a key role in the composer selection process, and throughout the two-week onsite residency, from July 24 – August 6, invests itself in multiple readings of the new works – with ample time allotted for exchanges of ideas on technical and aesthetic grounds. By this point, the ensemble’s commitment to the composers and to the success of their projects is fully established. Needless to say, the extraordinary exertions of the combined team will result in works that have achieved an exquisite level of concert-readiness.

Call for Submissions
The application form calls for two prior work samples (audio files), a written score and an optional video file, which, under certain circumstances, can be substituted for the second audio file. There is a $30 application fee to help defray the cost of the application processing system and for honoraria for the independent selection panelists.

The program is fully-funded, the only cost being for transportation to and from the area. In addition to generous access to the ensemble, I-Park provides a private room, meal program, attentive staff support and local transportation – as well as an inspiring, retreat-like setting conducive to the creative process. Each composer will also receive a studio recording of their finished work and a $1,000 stipend.

The program culminates in two all-premiere concerts, one in Connecticut and the final one in New York City.
If invited to join the program, composers will be required to submit to the ensemble a substantially complete work, from 7 to 12 minutes in length, two-weeks (though preferably three-weeks) prior to the start of the residency – and to be present for the concerts at the end of the residency. Composers may include in their new works elements of amplification, electronics, visuals or non-traditional staging (see FAQ for clarification).


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