Help us reach 12.5k to fund 25 educational events

Build better lives by building a stronger Akropolis!
Every $500 raised directly funds an educational event during our 2018 season

Goal: $12,500  ⎜ Current: $15,154  🎉

2017 was another milestone year for Akropolis. Our March release of The Space Between Us was hailed as “pure gold” by the San Francisco Chronicle. We performed contemporary American music with Arabic language poets in Abu Dhabi and delivered our first series of “Lunch & Listen” concerts in Detroit offices. We even made it onto the ballot for Grammy nomination!

But our biggest impact was on youth. We reached over 6,000 students through 94 educational events, and it was because of YOU. 18 of these events were funded by more than $9,000 donated to our 2016 year-end campaign. Aiming for 100 educational events in 2018, and with each event costing Akropolis roughly $500, our goal is to raise $12,500 by year-end, funding one-quarter of our 2018 educational programs.


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To deepen the impact of our educational outreach, we are increasing the number of return visits to students next year and the amount of time we spend in specific communities. We are leading a year-round chamber music unit for band students in Steamboat Springs, CO, including our first visit this past November, monthly instructional videos this winter, and side-by-side performances with the students during our second visit in March. This April we will visit the Quad Cities area of northern Illinois and eastern Iowa, delivering 30 educational events in two weeks alone.

Our 13-event “Together We Sound” festival in Detroit this May includes year-round workshops with students from Detroit high schools. “Together We Sound” also incorporates office concerts, elementary school presentations, and collaborative contemporary music concerts.

Our teaching is interactive, engaging, and meticulously prepared. After witnessing Akropolis’ program for students in western Pennsylvania this past February, Kathy Soroka, founder of “MUSIC IN ACTION”: a training program for teaching artists at the Manhattan School of Music, had this to say:

“I am in awe of your genius in this educational arena and excited for all the young lives that you will impact and change, because you are first and foremost extraordinary artists who are bringing that excellence and meticulous preparation and execution to the educational arena.”

Your support builds better lives by building a stronger Akropolis. Please consider making a completely tax-deductible donation to support Akropolis’ educational programming before 2017 ends. Thank you for your support!

Matthew, Kari, Ryan, Andrew, and Tim


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