Join us! Spread hope and support artists today 🙏

Together, we can spread home through music.

By becoming an Akropolis donor, you join our family of supporters who make our music possible.

Plus, all donations of $50 or more receive a signed copy of our new album, Ghost Light!

We would be honored if you made your presence felt by supporting our work with a donation by the end of our fiscal year, June 30th.

This letter is a charge. We’re asking you—our loyal listeners and friends—to come together, support your local community of arts and culture, and be a beacon of hope and humanity to all those around you.

In December, we declared that we would no longer hide behind our art. And so we say to you all: Spread hope. Take action. Join us! Support the arts today with your presence (safely!) and your spirit.

While our industry has looked for bright spots, Akropolis has been leading the way:

As we look forward to next season—with concerts from Portland, OR to Stamford, NY; our 5th album in collaboration with Christian Euman and Grammy-nominated Pascal Le Boeuf; and more than 45 music and composition workshops this school year with Detroit high school students—we hope you look forward to spreading the joy of music and community.

All donations of $50 and over will receive a signed copy of Ghost Light, our acclaimed 4th album! We are still suffering from a 68% reduction in bookings, with 13% of our entire budget coming from our tightly woven community of donors. Join us! Become a first-time donor today and you will be a critical part of our success this year.

Thank you for your continued support, and we will see you soon!


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