Florie Namir Delevarnu Parts – Instant PDF Download



Bb Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Bass Clarinet


Delevarnu (meaning “Unraveled” reading backwards), commissioned by Akropolis Reed Quintet, was written in Nebraska City, NE, while in residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Arts Center. The three movements paint musical landscapes based on the landscapes and impressions Namir had seen while traveling and during her stay in Nebraska City. Vast corn fields and the long Missouri river; a deserted main street of a small mid-west American city, with its low 19th century architecture and antique stores; the commotion of life in previous centuries and the grand symphony orchestra established there by pioneers until its tragic end.


Florie Namir is a Tel Aviv born composer and jazz-pop singer-songwriter. She did her graduate school work at Rice University in Houston, TX, and for a decade resided in Boston, MA, where she taught at MIT and completed her PhD at Brandeis University. Namir’s Classical catalogue includes solo works for piano, and cello, various chamber ensembles, as well as works for symphony orchestra. Both her classical compositions and songwriting are inspired by life experiences, travels, personal encounters and feelings.




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