A maverick of new wind music, Akropolis is committed to showcasing the vast possibilities of the reed quintet through our adventurous repertoire spanning over 400 years of musical history. Having premiered over 50 works for the unique combination of oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet, and bassoon, Akropolis is devoted to expanding the existing reed quintet repertoire with imaginative arrangements and the continued development of new works by emerging and established composers.
From the dozens of professional reed quintets actively performing around the world, to the hundreds of student ensembles forming at universities around the United States alone, we hope this collection of our ever-growing repertoire continues to help inspire reed quintet growth around the globe. In the collection below, you’ll find works Akropolis has commissioned and arranged, plus works commissioned or arranged by other artists from around the world we consider important contributions to the standard repertoire of the reed quintet.
Total Records Found: 87, showing 10 per page
Piece NameComposerArrangerGenreCommissionPurchase Sheet MusicYouTube VideoRecording
A Frayed, Jute Whipping Knot Joshua Marquez Original Work YouTube Video
Alchemical Birds Octavio Vazquez Original Work
3 Preludes George Gershwin Ryan Reynolds 20th Century Akropolis Collection YouTube Video
An American in Paris George Gershwin 20th Century
Air J.S. Bach Ryan Reynolds Baroque Akropolis Collection
A News Cycle Matthew Quale Original Work
A Blank Page Leonid Kuzmenko Original Work