Club Paradise Virtual Soirée with Composer Jeff Scott

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Zoom, Video Conferencing

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Zoom Video Conferencing Zoom, Video Conferencing

Event Details
All event details and logistics can be found at

Following your purchase, you will be provided with a custom Zoom link to attend Akropolis’ Club Paradise Virtual Soirée on July 16 at 7 pm EST.

Tickets Price
A $15 ticket provides one device/household access to a soirée. A whole household is welcome to tune in on one device together.

Are you a K-12 student? You and your family are welcome to attend for FREE! Just email us at with a photo of your student ID and we’ll send you an access code to order your free ticket.

Availability & Capacity 
To provide an intimate and interactive experience, we are limiting attendees and ticket sales to 20 screens for each Virtual Soirée.

All Showtimes
July 15 at 7 pm EST  
July 16 at 7 pm EST  
July 17 at 7 pm EST  
July 18 at 2 pm EST  
July 18 at 8 pm EST  
July 19 at 2 pm EST