Connecticut Summerfest Commissioned Works Concert

Tuesday @ 8:00 pm

West Hartford, CT

Gig Details


Venue Details

Hartt School of Music 200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117

Connecticut Summerfest is a weeklong contemporary music festival for the education and career advancement of emerging composers and performers. The festival is comprised of seminars, lessons, rehearsals, and recording sessions for participants, as well as a free concert series open to the public, featuring our ensembles-in-residence and new works by participant composers!

As the artist-in-residence, Akropolis will be performing 3 premieres in-concert alongside the Xelana Duo, and Duo Alterity with the following program:

Xelana Duo
Elegy (2018) David Jones (b. 1990)
Sorcery (2018) Joungmin Lee (b. 1975)
without reason… without purpose (2018)  D.H. Regnier (b. 1992)

Duo Alterity
Laidback 悠然 (2018) Yufei Chen (b. 1993)
El Anhelo (2018) Alexis Carrier (b. 1996)
What Friends Are For (2018)   Grace Ma (b. 1993)

Akropolis Reed Quintet
Thaw (2018) Becky Turro (b. 1997)
create. process. (2018) Mario Godoy (b. 1988)
The Sun Rising (2018) Patrick Holcomb (b. 1996)