Swarthmore College Residency: Virtual Student Composer Workshop

Monday @ 1:00 pm

Swarthmore, PA

Originally a part of Akropolis' in-person residency with Swarthmore College, this event has been virtualized due to Covid-19 and has been occurring throughout the full fall semester.

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Venue Details

Swarthmore College Lang Music Building 500 College Ave.
Swarthmore, PA

Akropolis has been working with three incredibly talent composition students at Swarthmore College this fall semester to help them create brand new compositions for reed quintet. In lieu of being able to work with these students in person, Akropolis has held several virtual composition classes and has been workshopping the student composer’s compositions this fall.

The three student composers Akropolis has been working with at Swarthmore College are Gregory Boatman, Peter Wu, and Maxwell Gong. Throughout the rest of the fall semester, Gregory, Peter, and Maxwell will be finalizing their compositions, culminating in Akropolis professionally recording each piece.

We’re looking forward to sharing these three fantastic new works for reed quintet with all of you and stay tuned for more information about when these virtual premieres will take place.