Together We Sound Festival ✦ Concert at Kerrytown Concert House

Friday @ 8:00 pm

Ann Arbor, MI

Featuring the premiere of composer Steven Snowden's scrap metal sextet, Sprocket, for reed quintet & rideable percussion bike

Gig Details


Venue Details

Kerrytown Concert House 415 N 4th Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Show Details

7:30 pm – Doors & Juan Martinez’s percussion bike available to play & ride
8:00 pm – Concert featuring Akropolis & Zac Brunell of Detroit Bureau of Sound


Akropolis opens the concert with brand new commissions by composers including Theo Chandler and Stacy Garrop. Akropolis’ set is followed by Detroit experimental percussionist Zac Brunell performing  works for amplified cactus by Steven Snowden and John Cage. The concert concludes with the world premiere of Steven Snowden’s new work,  Sprocket. Sprocket joins the reed quintet with a rideable percussion bicycle designed and fabricated by Detroit resident and Kresge Arts Fellow, Juan Martinez, and performed on by local experimental percussionist, Zac Brunell. This project will be the centerpiece of Akropolis’ 2019 Together We Sound festival in Detroit, MI and is made possible thanks to support from High Wire Lab, the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Like Juan’s other larger-than-life, rideable public art pieces, his percussion bike uses pedal power to create numerous sounds. As the percussionist pedals the bike (while fixed in place or not) a set of custom-designed and fitted levers and gears will create several effects that change depending on how fast the bike is pedaled. It’s been awesome to be working collaboratively with Juan, Steve, and Zac over the past year to determine what sounds the bike produces and how to incorporate them in Sprocket.

Having composed for unconventional metal materials previously, like shrapnel and car parts, Steve’s goal is to fuse industrial sounds familiar to Detroit with pedal-powered effects that mesh with Akropolis’ wind power. We’ve long admired Steve’s compositional storytelling abilities, and we can’t wait for him to extend his brilliance onto the reed quintet.


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