Ghost Light Album Trailer 3 [feat: Michael Gilbertson Mvt. 3 Fluorescence]

4.9.21 Release on New Focus Recordings

Pre Order Ghost Light: https://akropolisreedquintet.bandcamp…

The Detroit-based Akropolis Reed Quintet releases its 4th album on April 9 on New Focus Recordings. The record, entitled Ghost Light, features new works from 5 composers all exploring themes of darkness, light, life, and death.

This album teaser video showcases the third movement titled “Fluorescence,” from Michael Gilbertson’s work on the album, “Kinds of Light.” The recording features new commissions from composers Stacy Garrop, Michael Gilbertson, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Theo Chandler, and Jeff Scott, whose piece “Homage to Paradise Valley,” is paired with original poetry by Detroit’s Marsha Music, paying tribute to several gone-but-not forgotten Detroit neighborhoods that were centers of Black business, community, and culture.

iTunes Booklet:
Video by Sly Pup Productions Shot at Studio Studio in Ann Arbor, MI

The ghost light seen in this video was generously provided by the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI and was commissioned in memoriam for Terry Heck-Seibert. You can read more about this ghost light on their website:

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