Nouvelle Suite in A Minor, “La Triomphante” by Jean-Philippe Rameau

0:00 Prelude
2:35 Allemande
5:14 Les trios mains
7:48 Sarabande
11:20 Fanfarinette
14:06 La triomphante

Arranged by Raaf Hekkema of the Calefax Reed Quintet. Performed live on the Oneppo Chamber Music Series at the Yale School of Music on 10/22/2019. The Nouvelle Suite “La Triomphante” in A minor by Jean-Philippe Rameau was originally written for solo harpsichord. Akropolis recasts the suite for its unique instrumentation, arranged by Raaf Hekkema, bringing ear-opening ideas and sounds to this already masterful music. This massive work displays many of the impressive musical qualities that have attracted audiences to Baroque music for over 300 years. Rameau and the French Baroque tradition are rooted in rhythm and ornamentation, contrasting Bach’s German style centered upon harmony and counterpoint. This has been a featured work in several prize winning performances, including Akropolis’ Gold Medal at the 2014 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition.

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