Akropolis firmly believes the strongest way to foster appreciation, access, and the growth of classical music is through interactive educational experiences. Akropolis has developed several outreach initiatives, from K-12 offerings to master classes, entrepreneurship residencies, composition workshops, and community concerts, Akropolis educates the next generation of musicians to ensure that a vibrant culture of art persists in our communities and in future generations.


Elementary – The Best Story 

Deeply passionate and experienced, Akropolis delivers fast-paced and informative workshops, including its “The Best Story” presentation for elementary schools, featuring a musical reenactment of the Eileen Spinelli children’s book.




Elementary – Drawing With Sound

A colorful story-building game, Akropolis performs vivid chamber music to which students create a visual story inspired by what they hear. Students come up with characters, settings, and then their story is brought to life visually by a talented student artist.





Elementary – The Melody Game

Dedicated to providing entertaining and educating presentations, the melody game is an interactive activity where the students are grouped with a member of Akropolis, and then stand when their musician has the main melody throughout the music, creating a fun and challenging learning experience as the melody is quickly passed around the ensemble.





Middle School 

Whether it’s working with the  full band, giving sectionals, or individual lessons, Akropolis loves working with beginner musicians. Topics include producing good tone, practice techniques, how to carry chamber music topics into band, and how to make your own musical arrangements or compositions.






High School – Chamber Music Coachings & Band Clinics 

For the advancing musician, Akropolis provides full band clinics to give high school ensembles pointers on blending, balancing, and getting the most out of their band’s potential. Chamber music coaching and individual lessons are a staple of Akropolis’ high school instruction as well, as are additional presentations on taking the next steps in a career in music.





Kickstarter – Fall Education Tour 

Akropolis’ second Kickstarter fundraiser project supported a statewide school tour in which Akropolis brought our award-winning music to underserved students in 10 Michigan schools.



K-12 Testimonials

“I am in awe of your genius in this educational arena and excited for all the young lives that you will impact and change because you are first and foremost extraordinary artists who are bringing that excellence and meticulous preparation and execution to the educational arena.”
 – Kathy Soroka, Allegheny RiverStone Center for Arts Education

“Fischoff’s 2015 Educator Award winner, the Akropolis Reed Quintet, performed brilliantly throughout the Northern Indiana community in a series of educational outreach programs. We are grateful to each member for their professionalism shown at each of the ten performances. More than 2,600 children, youth and adults were inspired by their musical performances and unbridled enthusiasm for chamber music.”
 – Ann Divine, Executive Director, Fischoff National Chamber Music Association

“You made the world of instrumental and classical music so much more accessible and meaningful to my students.”
 – Megan Warzecha, Music Teacher, Shrine Grade School, MI

“Akropolis performed for our middle school and did a wonderful job of entertaining as well as educating. Concepts of musical structure and imagery were brought to the student’s attention with wit, depth and accessibility. They elegantly transitioned from the highest spheres of serious musical performance to fun, silly but enlightening musical demonstrations of what was happening in various pieces. My only complaint is that they couldn’t stay for a month!”
 – Michael Bucy, Band and Choir, Floyd Dryden MS, Alaska