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Explore our full collection of published reed quintet sheet music here. 

We might be biased...but playing in a reed quintet is pretty awesome! The music is vibrant, beautiful, technically demanding, and just plain fun. In this online shop, you will find our entire collection of reed quintet arrangements and original works, along with recordings or videos when you click through each piece. Our growing sheet music catalog is devoted to increasing the legitimacy, sustainability, and accessibility of repertoire for the reed quintet and currently houses 27 arrangements and original works from a diverse array of composers. Happy reeding!

Reed Quintet Original Works

*NEW* Homage to Paradise Valley by Jeff Scott
with original poetry by Marsha Music

Music of Foghorns & Seabirds by Natalie Draper

Reed Quintet Arrangements

*NEW* The Alcotts by Charles Ives (arr. Reynolds)

3 Preludes by George Gershwin (arr. Reynolds)

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by G.F. Handel (arr. Gocklin)

Variations on "America" by Charles Ives (arr. Reynolds)

Song to the Moon by Antnon Dvorak (arr. Reynolds)

Kinderszenen Op. 15 "Scenes from Childhood" by Robert Schumann (arr. Reynolds)