A maverick of new wind music, Akropolis is committed to showcasing the vast possibilities of the reed quintet through our adventurous repertoire spanning over 400 years of musical history. Having premiered over 50 works for the unique combination of oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet, and bassoon, Akropolis is devoted to expanding the existing reed quintet repertoire with imaginative arrangements and the continued development of new works by emerging and established composers.
From the dozens of professional reed quintets actively performing around the world, to the hundreds of student ensembles forming at universities around the United States alone, we hope this collection of our ever-growing repertoire continues to help inspire reed quintet growth around the globe. In the collection below, you’ll find works Akropolis has commissioned and arranged, plus works commissioned or arranged by other artists from around the world we consider important contributions to the standard repertoire of the reed quintet.
Piece NameComposerArrangerGenreCommissionPurchase Sheet MusicYouTube VideoRecording
A Blank Page Leonid Kuzmenko Original Work
A News Cycle Matthew Quale Original Work
Air J.S. Bach Ryan Reynolds Baroque Akropolis Collection
An American in Paris George Gershwin 20th Century
3 Preludes George Gershwin Ryan Reynolds 20th Century Akropolis Collection YouTube Video
Alchemical Birds Octavio Vazquez Original Work
A Frayed, Jute Whipping Knot Joshua Marquez Original Work YouTube Video
create.process Mario Godoy Original Work
Elegy Gregory Wanamaker Original Work
Enigma Variations Edward Elgar 20th Century
Firing Squad Niloufar Nourbakhsh Original Work
Forget Eli Stein Original Work
Four Letter Word Robbie McCarthy Original Work iTunes
Fun Fun Fun Fun Asaf Peres Original Work Akropolis Collection iTunes
Gallimaufry Rob Deemer Original Work iTunes
Geryoneïs Joshua Harris Original Work Akropolis Collection
Hymns for Private Use Nico Muhly Original Work
Jesus is Coming Jacob TV Original Work iTunes
Kinderszenen, Op. 15 Robert Schumann Ryan Reynolds Romantic Akropolis Collection
Kinds of Light Michael Gilbertson Original Work
La Création du Monde Darius Milaud 20th Century
La Folia Antonio Vivaldi Baroque
La Rappel des Oiseaux Jean-Philippe Rameau Baroque
Le Tombeau de Couperin Maurice Ravel Romantic
Look For Me Nico Muhly Original Work
Music of Foghorns & Seabirds Natalie Draper Original Work
Nouvelle Suite "La Triomphante" Jean-Philippe Rameau Baroque
Libertango Astor Piazzolla 20th Century
Nuclear Child Games Babur Tongar Original Work Akropolis Collection iTunes
Nutcracker Overture Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky 20th Century
Pinched Ryan Brown Original Work
Point Blank Logan Rutledge Original Work Akropolis Collection YouTube Video
Polonaise in A major J.A. Bartoszewski Original Work
Prelude No. 1 Garreth Chan Original Work
Pitchblende David Heetsersk Original Work Akropolis Collection iTunes
Morse Code Jason Turbin Original Work Akropolis Collection YouTube Video iTunes
Circusmuziek Ton ter Doest Original Work YouTube Video iTunes
Prelude, Fugue, & Riffs Leonard Bernstein 20th Century
Quintet for Reeds Andrew Kohler Original Work
Reeds Frederic Rzewski Original Work
Refraction David Biedenbender Original Work YouTube Video iTunes
Rites of the Afterlife Stacy Garrop Original Work YouTube Video
Romeo & Juliet Nino Rota 20th Century
Songs of Percival Peacock Franklin Stover Original Work
Sound Traveler Angel Sound Jean-Christophe Rosaz Original Work
Spiegel im Spiegel Arvo Part 20th Century
Splinter Marc Mellits Original Work YouTube Video
Street Beat Ezra Donner Original Work Akropolis Collection
Surfing Dancing Fleas Robbie McCarthy Original Work
Homage for Paradise Valley Jeff Scott Original Work
Sprocket Steve Snowden Original Work YouTube Video
Cane Jenni Brandon Original Work
Storm Warning Rochanne Etezady Original Work YouTube Video
Thaw Becky Turro Original Work Akropolis Collection YouTube Video
The Alcotts Charles Ives 20th Century
The Electroic House Brandon Cooney Original Work
The Neo-Hip-Hot-Cool-Kiddies Community Duke Ellington Original Work
The Old Rusty Merry-Go-Round Jason Turbin Original Work Akropolis Collection
The Space Between Us Gregory Wanamaker Original Work iTunes
The Sun Rising Patrick Holcomb Original Work
The Woman Who Hatches Eggs Chiel Meijering Original Work iTunes
Threepenny Opera Kurt Weill 20th Century
Time Lapse Michael Nyman 20th Century
Variations in the Reeds John Leszczynski Original Work
Variations on "America" Charles Ives Ryan Reynolds 20th Century Akropolis Collection YouTube Video
Variations on Reverse Entropy Roder Zare Original Work Akropolis Collection iTunes
Variations, Op. 41 Nikolai Kapustin 20th Century
Vladimir Tosic Medial S Original Work
Warp & Weft Paul Dooley Original Work iTunes
Whispers in the Dark Eric Lacy Original Work
Wind Skein Dai Fujikura
Woodburn Ned McGowan Original Work
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba G.F. Handel Tim Gocklin Baroque Akropolis Collection
Augmentation and Drift Andrija Klaric Original Work
Autumn in New York Elliot Bark Original Work iTunes
Birdus Petroleum Babur Tongur Original Work Akropolis Collection
Bright Promise from the Fire Paul Seitz Original Work Akropolis Collection
Candybox Cheil Meijering 20th Century
Children's Corner Claude Debussy Raaf Hekkema Romantic
Er Quan Ying Yue Ah Bing Oliver Boekhoorn 20th Century
La Poule Jean-Philippe Rameau Raaf Hekkema Baroque
Song to the Moon from Rusalka Antonin Dvorak Ryan Reynolds Romantic Akropolis Collection
Delevarnu Florie Namir Original Work iTunes
Speacial Ops Corey Dundee Original Work
Seed to Snag Theo Chandler Original Work YouTube Video
High Speed Reed Garret Schumann Original Work iTunes
Sorrow and Celebration for Reed Quintet and Audience John Steinmetz Original Work YouTube Video iTunes