Our Supporters



Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
Paul M. Angell Family Foundation


Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
National Endowment for the Arts
The Kresge Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation


Chamber Music America
DTE Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University
The Amphion Foundation
Bruno and Erika Yoshioka
Karen and Bob Koeppe
Krause-Steinrauf Family
Janet Krause
Ralph Crispino, Jr.
Ronni Lacroute
Vic Strecher and Jeri Rosenberg

$500 – $999 

In memory of Eric Varner
In memory of John Ryan
GoBassoon Reeds
James and Mary Nicholson
Karen and Cliff Deveney
Kathleen Gerety & James J Howard
Marlene and Scott Landry
Miodrag Kukrika
Pamela Dion
Slate and Davida Wilson

$250 – $499

GoBassoon Reeds
Amy Rossman and Christian Feuillet
Charles McCracken
Dana Muir and Tracey Grogan
David Gittelman
Dick Niemi
Jack & Patti Tucker
John Asmus
Josh and Katie Goldlust
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Kent Tyrrell and Lisabeth Riopelle
Mark Wallace
Reid Thebault and Cathi Duchon
Ron Zaraza and Lynne Wehrman
Stephanee Strasburg
Susan and Bill Booth

$100 – $249

In memory of John Dion
In honor of Matthew Landry
Amy Nesbitt
Christine and Nick Ruggeri
Claire Kuhl
Colleen Dolan-Greene
David Shifrin
Erin Tsai and Daniel Allison
George and Nancy Dykstra
In honor of Matthew Landry
In memory of John Dion
Jeff Keeseker
John Ryan
Jonathan Trobe and Joan Lowenstein
Juli Pinsak
Kathleen Beauvais

Keith Hudson
Larry Collins
Larry Johnson
Leslie and Ray Reynolds
Marissa Olegario
Mark Clague and Laura Jackson
Mary Brevard
Megan and Jason Warzecha
Meghan O’Rourke
Nancy K. Kopp
Pat and Ted Wilson
Rodney Dorsey
Samuel Lorber
Steve and Diana Gordon
Victoria Miller
W. Harry Marsden
William Tuthill
Zack Bissell

$0 – $99

In memory of Lindsay Lafford
In honor of Christian T. Green
In honor of Kristin Pagels
In honor of The Goldlust Family
Aaron Price
Alissa Novoselick
Andera Engler
Andy Herring
Angela Beardsley
Ben Fyfe
Beye Fyfe
Brianna Cantwell
Carl Grapentine
Carole and Rich Halmekangas
Carolyn Garety
Carrie Garcia
Cathy, Claire & Chris Miller
Chelsea Tinsler Jones
Chris Sies
Christina Parker
Christopher Weait
Ciara Solby
Claudio Verani
Curtis Sellers
Dale Magee
David Srebnik
Debbie Trembly
Denise and Frank Ruggeri
Drew and Judy Sauer
Eleanor Mazzarella
Elise Luddy
Gail Edington
Gail Stout
Glenn Hosken
Heather Steenrod

Jane and Al Landry
Jed Beyer
Jeff Scott
Jeff Stern
Jeffrey Taylor
Joanne Ladio
Joette George
John Krause-Steinrauf
Julie and Richard Pavelek
Karin & Stefano Mengozzi
Katherine Pukinskis
Kelly Swindell
Kennen White
Kristin Pagels
Mary Anne Greenfield
Mary Poole
Matthew Angelo
Meg Owens
Melissa Kindy
Micki Selvitella
Moe Bigness
Natalie Draper
Paul Haynes
Paul Ievins
Robert Paterson
Sarah Hamilton
Sue Burton
Teresa Roberts
Timothy Steeves
Virginia Densmore
Virginia Higdon
Wesley Hornpetrie
William and Karen Kennedy
William Safford

This list recognizes gifts given January 1, 2020 – May 20, 2021

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list.
If you notice an error, please accept our apology and contact Kari Landry at kari@akropolisquintet.org.