Akropolis firmly believes the strongest way to foster appreciation, access, and the growth of classical music is through interactive educational experiences. Akropolis has developed several outreach initiatives, from K-12 offerings to master classes, entrepreneurship residencies, composition workshops, and community concerts, Akropolis educates the next generation of musicians to ensure that a vibrant culture of art persists in our communities and in future generations.


Akropolis WORKS

An immersive entrepreneurial residency program with the Akropolis Reed Quintet for university music programs combining collaborative performances with lectures & workshops surrounding the business of chamber music. Akropolis WORKS provides students with the insights and tools needed to jumpstart a sustainable career as a professional chamber musician.



Chamber Music Master Classes

For aspiring musicians, Akropolis leads a variety of master classes and chamber music coachings designed to help musicians tackle technical, physical, and contextual issues related to the student’s playing. For small ensembles, this is an opportunity to discuss group chemistry and provide strategies for rehearsing effectively, managing time, playing as a cohesive unit, and interpreting music as a singular entity.




Individual Master Classes

In addition to chamber music master classes, the members of Akropolis work with individual studios and primarily wind soloists, helping students perfect standard excerpts and solo repertoire. Let Akropolis help take your students  out of the practice room and develop skills on how to give engaging and captivating  concert performances.





Pop-Up Concerts

Let Akropolis bring classical music out of the concert hall and onto the campus! Performing for students in libraries, dining halls, coffee shops, and wandering into classrooms, Akropolis has a special knack for drumming up support for music and the arts at any college.




Composition Readings/Workshops

Akropolis conducts composers forums, readings, and workshops. These sessions can range from discussing proper practices in writing for reed quintet to the various instruments of Akropolis, demonstrations of pre-existing works that showcase the depth and range of the reed quintet, and opportunities to work with Akropolis on student composed reed quintet works or sketches in a collaborative setting.




Open Rehearsals

Are you curious about how Akropolis prepares for the concert experience? Join Akropolis on an open rehearsal to see the level of preperation, focus, and dedication it takes to perform in a chamber music setting.






University Testimonials

“The students LOVED Akropolis, as I knew they would!!  Thank you so much for an amazing WORKS residency.”
-Dr. Andrew Parker, University of Texas at Austin

“I was thrilled with Akropolis on all accounts: Their performance was stunning and well loved by all…audience, faculty, and students. Their master class was terrific. Specific, well-founded in knowledge of the repertoire, and fast-paced.”
– Chris Ludwa, Artistic Director, Bay View Music Festival, MI

“THANK YOU so much for inviting me to be a part of your Saturday workshop at SMTD last week. It was really great to meet you all and learn from you. I couldn’t stop thinking how much I WISH I could have had access to such a resource.”
-Dana Fonteneau, January 2017,  The Wholehearted Musician

“Everything with the Akropolis Quintet residency went great. The concert was awesome and I heard positive comments from students, music department faculty, faculty across campus, and community attendees. Our students greatly enjoyed Akropolis’ expertise and perhaps different viewpoints from their primary instructors. I’m so glad they were able to come to CWU.”
– Dan Lipori, Central Washington University, October 2016

“Akropolis was excellent, and they displayed this excellence in coaching, classes, and recital.”

– Griffin Campbell, Louisiana State University, October 12, 2016